Darwinists never realize that it is totally impossible for albatrosses that fly for 15,000 on one month-long journeys without ever landing on the ground, for swallows that fly around the world on their migrations, for locusts capable of traveling 3,000 kilometers, and for eels that set off on a 6,000 kilometer journey shortly after they are born to have found the methods of doing so all by themselves.

Darwinists never realize how ants, devoid of any intelligence or consciousness, use the direction of the Sun to find their way.

Darwinists never realize that once it was realized that the famous fossil Archaeopteryx was a flying, real bird and that there was no reptile capable of being proposed as its ancestor, they were left with not a single piece of evidence to support their claims that birds evolved from reptiles.

Darwinists never realize that there are an average of 100 billion neurons in the human brain, that if we wanted to count these one by one, at a rate of one every second, the process would take 3,171 years, and that if we were to lay out these 100 billion 10 micron neurons end to end they would stretch for 1,000 kilometers.

Darwinists never realize how in building their combs honey bees employ two angles of exactly 109 degrees 28 minutes and 70 degrees 32 minutes, that there is never the slightest deviation from these, that the ends of the combs are built by raising them by 13 degrees, thus preventing honey from running out of them, that all the honey bees in the world know these calculations and that they implement them to a perfect accuracy.

Darwinists never realize that a single square millimeter of leaf contains 500 chlorophyll molecules; to put it another way, that there are millions of this glorious molecule, which is essential for photosynthesis and cannot by obtained in any laboratory, in every leaf.

Darwinists never realize that the fly has an eye consisting of 8,000 cells, divided into 4,000 each on the right and left sides of its head, that each cell contains a lens perceiving an image from a slightly different angle, and that it is impossible for this to have come about by chance.

Darwinists never realize that the fly has an eye consisting of 8,000 cells, divided into 4,000 each on the right and left sides of its head, that each cell contains a lens perceiving an image from a slightly different angle, and that it is impossible for this to have come about by chance.

Darwinists never realize that, in contrast to all other known liquids, water unexpectedly begins to expand at temperatures below + 4°C, thus enabling ice to float, and that this was specially created in order to support the life of numerous creatures living in the depths of seas.

Darwinists never realize that carbon-based compounds form very different organic structures, from the cell membrane to tree bark, from the lens in the eye to deer antlers, and from egg white to snake venom, and that carbon makes life possible on Earth and gives rise to exceedingly diverse substances by combining with hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen atoms in different three-dimensional shapes and sequences.

Darwinists never realize that oxygen is a caustic element and should normally be expected to burn our bodies, and that in order to prevent this the form taken by oxygen in the atmosphere, O2, has been made neutral, in other words it does not easily enter into chemical reactions.

Darwinists never realize that the energy emitted by a single explosion in the Sun is very high, that the force of a single such explosion is equivalent to that of a 100-billion-ton bomb of the kind dropped on Hiroshima, and that by means of the atmosphere this caustic effect reaches the Earth in the most ideal form.

Darwinists never realize that if a seed sprouting below the ground is prevented from reaching the surface it will move around any obstacle before it by giving off long shoots, or else will set up pressure from where it is growing and will eventually reach the daylight.

Darwinists never realize that even though the soil generally has a decaying, destructive nature, the seed in the soil and the roots just half a millimeter thick never come to any harm in the ground. On the contrary, they use the soil to constantly grow and develop, and Darwinists never consider how it is that delicate roots are able to protect themselves.

There are seeds that remain dormant for dozens or even hundreds of years if conditions are unsuitable, and that sprout only later. Darwinists never realize how plants with no options such as changing location available to them know of the existence of such a mechanism that allows them to survive under even the harshest conditions.

Darwinists never realize how grapes appear as sweet, water-filled globes from the dry, stick-like branches of the vine, that there is information in the seeds’ genes that makes grape pith different to the shell of a hazelnut and that gives these two fruits their colors, tastes and smells, the vitamins inside them, and that makes one dry and the other juicy, and that hazelnuts always appear as hazelnuts, and grapes as grapes.

Darwinists never realize how it is that the information that gives roses their color, determines the folds in their leaves, gives the flowers their velvety texture and that provides the same delightful fragrance wherever one may go in the world, is located inside the plant’s genes, and that this applies to all the plant species in the world.

Darwinists never realize how it is that seeds, the majority of which resemble tiny bits of wood, eventually turn into giant trees 4-5 meters tall and weighing hundreds of kilograms.

Darwinists never realize that it is impossible for a protein to emerge spontaneously in muddy water, and for others to emerge in its wake, and for these then to combine together to bring a cell into being and thus come alive.

Darwinists never realize that in order for protein synthesis to take place the information extracted from the DNA has to be accurately copied, and for that to happen the two entwined strands of the DNA molecule have to be unwound, nor how the molecule involved in this process knows what to do.

Darwinists never realize how the basic determinant of the shapes assumed by proteins, which are essential for life, is the sequence of the amino acids that constitute the proteins, that if one single amino acid fails to bond to the next in the correct sequence the protein will lose all its functionality, nor how the amino acids that constitute the proteins manage to arrive at the correct location every single time.

Darwinists never realize that there are more than 200 types of amino acid in nature, but that the proteins that constitute living things are made up of just 20 of these amino acids, and that it is impossible for such selectivity to have come about by chance.

Each one of the chromosomes in the nucleus contains genes that carry all the information regarding a human being. Darwinists never realize that all the organs in the human body are constructed within the framework of a blueprint in the genes inside the cells. They never consider, for example, how the skin is controlled by 2,559 genes, the brain by 29,930 genes, the eye by 1,794 genes, the salivary gland by 186 genes, the heart by 6,216 genes and the lung by 11,581 genes.

Darwinists never realize that DNA contains information holding all the details in organisms, that this giant molecule is made up of consecutive sequences of four different components known as “bases,” how these four bases – just like an alphabet consisting of four letters – contain the information for all the organic molecules to be manufactured inside the body, in other words, that these components are arranged not at random but in the light of specific information, that this information is further subdivided into paragraphs and sentences – or genes –, and that every gene codes for different details in the body – for instance, the formula for the hormone insulin that takes the consumed sugar into the cells, or the structure of the cells of the transparent cornea – and that this sublime information inside DNA totally demolishes Darwinists’ claims of coincidence.

Darwinists never realize that far from proving their own claims, the fossils of complex invertebrates such as snails, trilobites, sponges, sea urchins, crustaceans and sea lilies in Cambrian rock beds prove that living things appeared suddenly and with no forebears before them, and that this demolishes the myth of Darwin’s “evolutionary tree.”

Darwinists never realize that in order for life to form, the entirety of a great many complex mechanisms, hundreds of different proteins, DNA codes, the enzymes that interpret these, the cell membrane with its selective permeability, etc., all need to appear, that the “chemical evolution” they claim happened is impossible, and that to believe that it did is to believe in the impossible.


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Darwinists never realize that Stanley Miller, who conducted the Miller Experiment which they regard as an important discovery in explaining the origin of life, carried out that experiment under artificial conditions set up by himself and that had nothing to do with the primeval Earth’s atmosphere. Neither do they realize that only amino acid was synthesized in that experiment, and that the emergence of amino acids in any form is very definitely not the same thing as the emergence of life.

Darwinists never realize that different branches of science, such as astrophysics, physics and biology have revealed an order in nature and the universe that can by no means be explained in terms of coincidences, and that this proves the Fact of Creation.

Darwinists, who imagine that living fossils prove that a process of evolution took place on Earth, never realize that these fossils in fact reveal a “natural history” that is the exact opposite of Darwin’s theory; they in fact prove that living species did not emerge gradually from a process of evolution, but were created in a single moment in their flawless forms.

Darwinists claim that scientists’ experiments have shown that life can begin spontaneously through chemical reactions. But they never realize that not a single experiment exists to show this and that, furthermore, science proves that this is impossible even at the theoretical level.